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The Experiment Factory

Nobody ever comes in… and nobody ever comes out…

And that's the way that reproducible behavioral experiments should be: designed, captured, and used again with assurance of running the same thing. The Experiment Factory software will help you create a reproducible container to deploy behavioral experiments. Want to jump right in? Choose one of our demo containers, and browse to localhost:

docker run -p 80:80 vanessa/expfactory-games start
docker run -p 80:80 vanessa/expfactory-surveys start
docker run -p 80:80 vanessa/expfactory-experiments start

If you want a more gentle introduction, start with reading some background on containers and why the Experiment Factory exists in the first place. Then move on to our quick start to generate your own experiment container. Please give feedback about your needs to further develop the software. The library will show you a selection to choose from, including all experiments, surveys, and games migrated from the legacy Expfactory. If you have web-based experiments to contribute, please reach out! Your contributions and feedback are greatly appreciated!

User Guide

  • Background for a gentle introduction to containers before the quick start.
  • Generate quick starts to generating containers.
  • Customize customize container and runtime variables, the database, and other settings.
  • Usage of an experiment factory container.
  • Integrations including automated experiment testing robots, generators, and third party tools.

Developer Guide


  • Browse our available experiments [json].
  • Generate a custom container from our Library, or
  • Recipes view a pre-generated recipe based on tags in the library.


If the Experiment Factory is useful to you, please cite the paper to support the software and open source development.

Sochat, (2018). The Experiment Factory: Reproducible Experiment Containers. 
Journal of Open Source Software, 3(22), 521,


If you are using the Legacy software please cite this paper.

Sochat VV, Eisenberg IW, Enkavi AZ, Li J, Bissett PG and Poldrack RA (2016) 
The Experiment Factory: Standardizing Behavioral Experiments. 
Front. Psychol. 7:610. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00610


You’ll notice a little eliipsis () next to each header section. If you click this, you can open an issue relevant to the section, grab a permalink, or suggest a change. You can also talk to us directly on Gitter.

Gitter chat

We are here for you! You can ask a question directly or open an issue for:

If your issue is for a particular experiment, open the issue at the respective repository for the expfactory-experiments organization.